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Performance by Camila Cañeque

ANOTHER WATING ROOM, by Camila Cañeque was made in the context of PRIMAL DISTANCE project, curated by Carolina Lio in partnership with Sant Andreu Contemporani , City of Barcelona, and Institut Ramon Llull.

1. The chairs don’t wait, they are just still. Unbothered.

Between 1 and 2. People can enter the space and sit down. The tension between the different planes of time under the gloomy light of the waiting room goes on and on. Waiting again. Waiting as an insistent human drive. The chairs get tired. Tired of us, the waiting species.

2. Silent conversation with a lying down chair.


The act of waiting can’t be a play without human players. The waiting room couldn’t be performed without chairs.



Image 1, Camila sitting on a white marble tiled floor, black folding chairs surround, and one has tipped over

Image 2, black folding chairs outline a white room

Images taken by Violetta Mayoral


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