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Studio Visit: Chris Dobrowolski


Very playful, at first hilarious, on purpose aesthetically rough, his work has actually a deeply poetic quality beyond the first layer of comedy.

With a DIY aesthetics, Chris mixes real and unreal and creates Kafkaesque imaginaries and paradoxes that reinterpret with unpolished romanticism history, ideologies, capitalism, and daily life.

He is a witty and versatile storyteller whose projects are readable at many levels, entertaining and challenging, autobiographical and universal.

Among his many adventures, he built a boat from driftwood found by the river Humber to scape art college in Hull; made (and flew) an aeroplane from tea chests and newspaper; made (and rode on) a sledge made from gold picture frames in the Antarctic; and repaired his family’s Triumph Herald Estate to drive from Essex to Rome, where his father served during World War 2.


Image 1: photo portrait of Chris

Image 2,3,4: close up images of Chris' work


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