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Moira Ricci, conversation with Carolina Lio

Watch a new video about Moira Ricci interviewed by Carolina Lio. Video produced by LOOKING FORWARD on the occasion of Moira' Ricci's online workshop at SPEX, Switzerland. watch

Moira Ricci's work is often autobiographical and a tool to research personal and social identity. She reflects on key concepts such as 'home', 'family', 'belonging', and the human bond with our history and origins.

The interview was realised online, but we are looking forward to meeting Moira soon in London! At the beginning of 2022, Moira will be, in fact, in residency at Gasworks (in collaboration with Fondazione Memmo).


Image 1, photograph of two people, one woman faces the camera, and the other person inclines towards the woman's neck


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