Deptford Film Club #5

Deptford Film Club is a regular monthly event organized in partnership by Empathy & Risk and Looking Forward. Join us for the fifth installment featuring films from Santiago Maza, Gisela Carbajal Rodríguez & Felix Klee, and Alejandro Almanza Pereda.

Following the Looking Forward residency in Mexico City, this iteration of the Deptford Film Club highlights Mexican filmmakers to further an ongoing dialogue with international artists.

The films in this programme explore the vignette as a means of creating narrative. They take on a poetic quality, revealing intimate snapshots. As all the short films are - to a degree - documentaries, the films present a dialogue on the camera's role. Through the medium of cinema, storytelling is deconstructed through subversive methodologies that are alternatives to cinematic conventions.

Curated by Blue-Ren Marcus.


22 April 2022, 6pm

Empathy & Risk, 1 Borthwick Street, London SE8 3GH



“Después del Temblor” (2020)

Santiago Maza

After a series of earthquakes hit Juchitán at the end of 2017, director Santiago Maza documented the aftermath in “Después del Temblor”. The film is a diptych of two Muxe people; Dxani, a Muxe seamstress and Jacinto, a mason. The ensuing narratives highlight the challenges that the population experienced, from government fraud and financial crisis to discrimination.



“Papel” (2021)

Gisela Carbajal Rodríguez, Felix Klee

The film offers brief glimpses into the world of Sofía as she prints and distributes missing person flyers. Luis is one of 80,000 missing in Mexico, and we witness the role his absence plays in Sofía’s life through still snapshots. In his absence, Sofía surrounds herself with paper as a physical manifestation of obsession and loss.



“De esos polvos estos barros” (2021)

Alejandro Almanza Pereda

“De esos polvos estos barros” (or From these powders, these muds) examines the fabrication of handmade bricks in western Mexico. On the brink of extinction due to climate change and industrialization, this tradition is showcased in a languid series of vignettes. The episodic narrative is synchronized with the laborious brick-making process in its entirety, documenting the rich textures of both the landscape and the raw materials. The score showcases music heard on local radio and diegetic audio from the site. This multi-sensory film stands between documentary and lyrical abstraction as it muses the implications of this fleeting practice.


Covid-19 Note:

Everyone attending the event will be required to demonstrate either proof of double vaccination (2 weeks or greater) or proof of a recent negative test result (within 36 hours). This is a requirement of entry.