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Marzia Migliora / Italian Council

We are excited to communicate that we have been awarded a grant within the 12th edition of the Italian Council, the international funding program promoted by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture.

Thanks to this grant, we will be now working on publishing the first monograph of Marzia Migliora: Sette mostre immaginifiche / Seven Imaginary Exhibitions (1996-2023). The project will be developed in partnership with Fondazione Torino Musei / MAO Museo of Oriental Art, Turin; Museo delle Civiltà, Rome; Carta Bianca, Paris; and Samdani Art Foundation, Dhaka; and realised also thanks to the contribution of Collezione La Gaia and Archivorum.

The book is co-curated by Anna Cestelli Guidi and Matteo Lucchetti and develops around seven exhibitions impossible to achieve because they are projected into unorthodox spaces and times, but strongly rooted in the artist's poetics, and built in relation to the themes and urgencies that recur in Marzia Migliora's work spanning almost three decades.

The publication also takes stock of the critical production around the work of Marzia Migliora, with texts from Italian and international authors and practitioners such as Diana Campbell, Emanuele Coccia, Adrian Piper and Katrin Weir, amongst others.

Marzia Migliora uses a wide range of languages, including photography, video, sound, performance, installation and drawing. The recurring themes in her work are memory as tool for articulating the present and the analysis of labour as participation in the social sphere.

Among the various institutions that have exhibited the work of Migliora: Dhaka Art Summit, Dhaka; Museum of Contemporary Art Castello di Rivoli, Turin; Prada Foundation, Milan; Fondazione Merz, Turin; MART Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto; MA*GA, Museum art Gallarate; Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid; Italy Pavilion, 56th International Art Exhibition, Venice; Museo del Novecento, Milan; and Museo delle Civiltà, Rome.


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