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Primal Distance - Online Performance by Camila Cañeque

Join us on Thursday, March 4, at 6 pm, for an online performance realised by Camila Cañeque and introduced by Carolina Lio, via Facebook Live. see event

Camila Cañeque is a conceptual artist whose artistic practice exposes the sphere of quietness, dysfunctional actions and absence as a response to an exhausted society. In her performances, she pushes the body into a process of avoidance of its own movements. By embracing inactivity in favour of the affirmation of stillness, the body becomes an antithesis of what it is meant to be.

The event is part of the project Primal Distance, curated by Carolina Lio in partnership with Sant Andreu Contemporani, City of Barcelona, and Institut Ramon Llull.

Primal Distance is a multilayered project about the implications of distance. It encompasses an online platform, a public programme and a publication.


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