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Open Call for Self-Portraits

This is a call for all 18-30 years old who want to add their own wake-up self-portrait to our online gallery part of the project "My Echo, My Shadow and Me".

"My Echo, My Shadow and Me" is our project within Esch European Capital of Culture 2022 and consists of a physical show at the University of Luxembourg (ended 31 December 2022), a book, and a virtual show. The online version of the project includes a selection of the material produced through the two years of the project and will be expanded through this open call open to all young people 18-30 y.o. residents wherever in the world and who want to express themselves by taking part in the "Wake-up Pictures" community.


To be featured online in our virtual gallery, take a photo of yourself first thing in the morning using the standard (not the frontal) camera of your phone, do not apply any filter, and send it to us by filling in the form at the bottom of this page. Photos need not be professional and not retouched.

When we created the Whatsapp group, with over 25 young people from different cultures and some of the Luxemburgish living abroad, most hadn't met in person. I decided to launch the first challenge: the wake-up pictures, to portray that face we don't usually want others to see. They were asked to take the images using their phones' standard -not the frontal- camera, to avoid controlling their appearance. It was an immediate success. Almost every morning, someone, including myself, posted a wake-up picture and said, "Good morning people". Sharing that intimacy was like waking up together, and we got closer. (Cristina Nuñez)

To learn more about the general project, click here and visit the online exhibition. Deadline: 30 March 2023.

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