Maison du Savoir, University of Luxembourg

My Echo, My Shadow and Me

Cristina Nuñez

curated by Paul Di Felice and Carolina Lio

publication, exhibition, public programme, community, workshops

My Echo, My Shadow and Me (3xME) is an art and social project by artist Cristina Nuñez, who involves over 50 young people of which more than half are refugees in temporary accommodation and refugee camps.

3xME consists of an articulated programme of workshops, public events and an exhibition around the issue of identity in younger generations and how we can use technological tools (e.g. cameras, smartphones and social media) as a method of investigation and understanding of the self and one’s own community.


SPEX The Self Portrait Experience, University of Luxembourg, ESCH2022 European Capital of Culture, Fondation Sommer, Le Fonds Belval, Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Art as Experience