The video was screening from 14 Feb - 30 Mar 2021 

You can still access it from here

Cristina Nuñez began taking photographic self-portraits in private in 1988 to overcome self-esteem issues that led her to drug addiction during her teenage. This practice allowed her to shape her own emotions and to reveal her presence to the world. At the same time, through an uncompromising gaze at herself, she created a powerful instrument to project the plasticity of her identity.

Someone To Love brings together 25 years of self-portraits taken by Cristina Nunez, through which she developed her method The Self-Portrait Experience®, a process of inner exploration shared with the public. Nuñez believes that “The separation between art and therapy is intolerable” and considers the method as the main part of her artwork.

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The video was screening from 01 -31 Jan 2021 

You can still access it from here

It's a troubled period for the UK. Brexit is coming into force from Jan 1, and we are leaving the EU with a rushed last-hour agreement far from being crystal clear. In the meantime, we are hit by a supposedly more dangerous mutation of the pandemic, and most countries have banned travel to and from the UK. We are therefore dedicating to Britain this video by Luca Bidoli, a somewhat dated work (2011) that yet offers a perfect commentary to the current situation.

The video is an unusual version of the (in)famous song Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols, that in the '70s was considered particularly controversial, to the point of getting banned, for the use of words like 'anarchy' and 'antichrist', but also for referencing to conflicts that were happening at that time, such as the Angola Civil War and the paramilitary armies IRA and UDA in the conflict in Northern Ireland; a conflict that today's Brexit ambiguity might potentially unearth.

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