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Curatorial Residency in Arafura, Mexico City

A three-week research residency in Mexico in the framework of our partnership with Empathy&Risk and supported by the Global Challenge Research Fund.

In the next three weeks we'll be working from Mexico, travelling to and working in Mexico City and Baja California with Empathy&Risk. Our base in Mexico City is Arafura, an independent cultural centre founded by collectors Martha León and Francisco Pellat in a beautiful renovated 1950 house in the original neighborhood of Popotla.

Opened in 2020, Arafura offers a residency programme for curators and researchers and a public program that promotes community action in an environment conducive to dissensual, transgenerational, decolonial and affective dialogue.

The residency programme at Arafura invites research-based practices and editorial projects, besides facilitating the production of art exhibitions in Mexico City with links to other cities in the world. The centre has co-working spaces, an art library, community meeting spaces, and the "psychotropical garden" Pharmakon: a long-term research on art and pharmacy, specifically sacred and medicinal plants.

To follow our residency in Mexico, go on our Instagram profile.


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