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New Partnership with Empathy & Risk

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Empathy&Risk, an organisation founded by British artist David Cotterrell, supported by the Art and Design Research Centre of Sheffield Hallam University, UK and the Global Challenge Research Fund.



Empathy & Risk is an artist-led inter-disciplinary initiative that addresses issues of systemic failure in contexts of contemporary global crisis. ER was born out of a conviction that artists’ perspectives have an important role to play in the framing of international, national and institutional responses to threat and conflict. ER believes that the capacity of the arts to effectively influence policy development has not been systematically explored, exploited or applied.

Empathy & Risk draws on a body of international artists, academics and practitioners who work in sites of publicly acknowledged empathetic breakdown – curating responses from within the people, policies and processes of these sites. The evidence of these interventions will contribute to a body of comparative international research and artwork, and will be aimed at influencing policy formulation at national and international level.


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