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Dear Aliens - A new exhibition at ICBC Istituto de Cultura de Baja California, Tecate, Mexico

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration in this project curated by Pastor Projects at Galeria de la Ciudad, Istituto de Cultura de Baja California, Tecate, Mexico.

A multi-modality show and a laboratory that offers a catalogue of possible practices to take us into deep space, far beyond our pandemic, isolated selves, while pointing towards new ways to engage with sites, non-sites, the digital and the global.

artists: Mariel Miranda (MX), David Cottorrell. (UK), Irma Sofia Poeter (MX), Gro Sarauw (DK), Alejandro Zacarias (MX), Ryan Gander (UK), Monica Arreola (MX)

The project explores the limitation of international understanding that can be reinforced through distance. In particular, it opens a dialogue between a yet unexplored border comparison: Mexico and post-Brexit UK. Contemporary visual art practices based either in Baja California, Europe and UK are brought into a geopolitical framework that defines dichotomic relations deeply ingrained into dynamics of power. The idea of distance, alienation and virtuality is applied to unmask the dialectical and ideological agenda for competition and hegemony that is leading to a dramatic amplification of the cliché of national identity, paranoia for safety narratives and polarising inequalities.


Image 1, an aerial view of a car dump, hundreds of cars are lined up next to each other in a sandy landscape