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Deptford Film Club #001

Deptford Film Club is a regular monthly event organised by Empathy & Risk and Looking Forward in partnership. Join us for this first appointment featuring videos by David Cotterrell, Cristina Nuñez and Billy Sassi. Curated by Carolina Lio and Katerina Matheson.


07 December 2022

Empathy & Risk, 1 Borthwick Street, London SE8 3GH


6.20 pm Cristina Nuñez Someone to Love

Someone To Love' collates 25 years of self-portraits - a process of documentation which Nuñez initiated in order to overcome a period of drug addiction and insecurity as a young person. Nuñez shows a constant pursuit of her own roots and identity through faces and bodies. She demonstrates a vulnerability and plasticity which invites our own introspectivity.


6.50 pm Billy Sassi The Battle from Outer Space

'The Battle...' reflects the uncomfortable experiences of 'Lockdown' in terms of the imposed constraints, but also the potential resulting from the expanse of time. The film embodies the discomfort of facing the uncertainty of ‘purpose’ in a space of alienation, where two spacemen are stranded on a distant planet while a war rages back at home.


7.00 pm David Cotterrell Transmission

'Transmission' is a meeting between two strangers in a real or imagined future – where the human race or human contact may well be a thing of the past. The short film follows a solitary man’s occupation of an ambiguous space as he tries to engage beyond his own world, seeks for a romantic connection and begins to fear what he might find if he is successful.



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