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Visible Storytelling - New video: Los Angeles Poverty Department

We have just finished the video editing of the live conversation between John Malpede (founding director of Los Angeles Poverty Department), Henriette Brouwers (associate director) and curator Carolina Lio. The video is now published on Visible's IGTV and YouTube channel. watch



Since 1985, LAPD works to change the narrative about people living in poverty in the neighbourhood of Skid Row, in downtown LA.

Skid Row is the poorest area of the city and has the largest population of homeless people in the US. LAPD, as the first arts organization on Skid Row, has been active in a constant conversation with residents and social service professional to change the paradigm of the area.

Focusing on theatre, visual arts and activism, LAPD was the first performance group in the nation made up principally of homeless people, and the first arts program of any kind for homeless people in Los Angeles.

In this video, John Malpede (founding director of LAPD) and Henriette Brouwers (associate director) are in conversation with Visible curator Carolina Lio on their current projects, such as: Walk the Talk Archive, honouring people who have lived and worked in Skid Row; and Skid Row Now&2040, a coalition that identifies funding sources and solutions to house people with extreme low income.



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