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Society of the Many

Society of the Many is the first project of Visible Storytelling, a new curatorial format that tells the stories behind the projects of Visible archive through social media and an online public programme.

August 2020 - March 2021



Dread Scott

Ulf Aminde

Ahmet Ögüt

Sandi Hilal

Daniel Godínez Nivón

Marinella Senatore

Curated by: Carolina Lio, Matteo Lucchetti, Judith Wielander


Visible (Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto and Fondazione Zegna) brings to light and gives strength to artistic actions which have a real capacity to experiment and produce visions that can have an impact on the social and cultural imagination of our contemporary world. Visible started in 2010 and has since then been curated by Judith Wielander and Matteo Lucchetti.

Looking Forward collaboration with Visible is two-folded. Since 2020, Carolina Lio, director at Looking Forward, is also curator of live public programme at Visible. LF manages Visible social media communication and produce digital contents for the platform, exploring curatorial models developed through storytelling, social media, and audience-oriented contents.

Society of the Many gives visibility to projects that fight against social, class, and racial inequality challenging the narratives that allow the exclusion of the margins and of the fragile communities dealing with daily social injustice.


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