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We are a forward-thinking curatorial office based in London

and registered as a non-profit Community Interest Company. We work with a network of international partners (institutions, independent organisations and curators) to develop new models of ethical curating and shared resources in the global context.

In the past 12 months we have worked with:

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Curating and commissioning

Curating is what we do best. You can find information on current and past curatorial projects. But, we get it, Looking Forward is young - only founded in 2019 - and you want to know more about our background and what we were doing before. Best way to do that is to browse the profile of our director Carolina Lio and the rest of the teamEven better, why don't you come to one of our next events?

Programmes and formats

Relationships are sometimes casual, but curating is always committed. That's why we tend to run medium and long term formats and regular programmes. Our newest format is feedforward, a forum in which practitioners are invited to present their work, receiving and giving challenging feedback and genuine support one another. The Deptford Film Club is our monthly screening event - but if you are not in London you can look into our online Screening Room programme instead. Another online format is Visible Storytelling, creating new engagement strategies around the stories of international socially engaged art projects from the Visible network.


We don't only love what we do. We also love to communicate it! And if we love your project, then we would love to communicate that too! Check out the Instagram profiles that we co-ordinate for Visible, MoSAF Museum of Slavery and Freedom, and Empathy & Risk.

We are passionate about storytelling and we will not shut up when a project with value needs to be heard. We use copywriting and graphic design to make the point. And we spread information in all possible ways, from writing press releases to building whole websites. Have you checked our website for Art as Experience yet?

Project managing

Have you ever heard that say "if you want something done, ask a busy person"? When we are not curating outstanding projects and communicating them to the world, we still keep ourselves very busy caring for the projects curated by other organisations. We make sure the project is delivered, goals are met, timeline and budget respected. Yes, we are well organised, we work hard, and we don't waste time because we are loving every minute of this job.

Workshops and education

Giving back. We like to do that by providing educational tools to young people, workshops that bring communities together, training and professional development opportunities. Most of our workshops are free, so subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed on our activities. Soon we will publish info about community activities we are organising with MoSAF London and the EMOSEE educational kit developed by artist Cristina Nuñez within 3xMe, our project at the University of Luxembourg. 


Last but not least... this should actually be first, as research is the foundation of everything we do. We are researcher ourselves and we work with researchers and universities (e.g. Sheffield Hallam University, IBERO Universidad Iberoamericana, University of Luxembourg) in programmes and publications.