LOOKING FORWARD is a London-based Community Interest Company and curatorial agency that develops new models of ethical curating and solidarity networks in the global context.

LF champions in particular situated projects that exist in the shared realm of art and social practices, and whose impact might potentially influence politics and policy making. Through a network of international partners (institutions, independent organisations and curators) we aim to enable marginalised communities and art practitioners coming from disadvantaged backgrounds to access vital resources in critical moments. We work with people who have a vision, and contribute to making it real by producing projects, creating contents, facilitating contacts, and advocating in front of larger audiences for the arts social potential.




online from Jan 31,2021

Visible (Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto and Fondazione Zegna) brings to light and gives strength to artistic actions which have a real capacity to experiment and produce visions that can have an impact on the social and cultural imagination of our contemporary world. Visible started in 2010 and has since then been curated by Judith Wielander and Matteo Lucchetti. Looking Forward collaboration with Visible is two-folded. Since 2020, Carolina Lio, director at Looking Forward, is also curator of live public programme at Visible. LF manages Visible social media communication and produce digital contents for the platform, exploring curatorial models developed through storytelling, social media, and audience-oriented contents.
Primal Distance is an online platform, a public programme and a publication produced by LOOKING FORWARD in partnership with Sant Andreu Contemporani, City of Barcelona and Institut Ramon Llull.
Online from January 31, 2021.
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Luca Bidoli


It's a troubled period for the UK. Brexit is coming into force from Jan 1, and we are leaving the EU with a rushed last-hour agreement far from being crystal clear. In the meantime, we are hit by a supposedly more dangerous mutation of the pandemic, and most countries have banned travel to and from the UK. We are therefore dedicating to Britain this video by Luca Bidoli, a somewhat dated work (2011) that yet offers a perfect commentary to the current situation. 
30 DEC 2020 - Watch online the live conversation between the two founders of the New Delhi community newspaper Khirkee Voice and curator Carolina Lio. Now published on Visible's IGTV and YouTube channel.
27 DEC 2020 - We have worked with Sandi Hilal, Pedro Reyes and Elizabeth Povinelli (Karrabing Film Collective) on video statements for the newly released Visible's book and research platform Collectively Annotated Bibliography. 
21 DEC 2020 - We have just finished the video editing of the live conversation between John Malpede (founding director of Los Angeles Poverty Department), Henriette Brouwers (associate director) and curator Carolina Lio. The video is now published on Visible's IGTV and YouTube channel.
20 DEC 2020 - We are happy to announce a new collaboration with PIA, a research and production centre located in the working-class neighbourhood of San Pio, in Lecce, Southern Italy. Initiated by artist Jonatah Manno and curator Valeria Raho, PIA organises an advanced course in contemporary visual arts and fosters mobility of artists and curators in the Mediterranean region.
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16 DEC 2020 - Studio visit with David Surman while he is preparing his next solo show, opening in February, at Galería Juan Silió, Madrid. 
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15 DEC 2020 - We are coordinating the live broadcast of Visible's new publication: "Annotated Collectively Bibliography", a research commissioned by Public Art Agency on the expanding field of public art. For the event we also co-ordinated the commission of three artist video-statements with Sandi Hilal, Elizabeth Povinelli, and Pedro Reyes.



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director: Carolina Lio

assistant curator: Arianna Guidi