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Symposium "The Other Dialogues: Nationalism"

IBERO (Universidad Iberoamericana) Tijuana is hosting a symposium curated by Empathy & Risk, with the support of Sheffield Hallam University and the Global Challenge Research Fund and in partnership with LOOKING FORWARD and Pastor Projects.


09 June 2021

16 June 2021

Chaired by Carolina Lio


THE OTHER Dialogues is curated by Empathy & Risk in the framework of this partnership, and is part of the Empathy & Risk Dialogues series, started in 2017 as a format of multi-national conversation between policy makers, artists and activists in order to create a comparative analysis of the factors and contradictory versions of 'truth' that lead progressively towards conflicts.

Drawing inspiration from the exhibition Dear Aliens, Galería de la Ciudad, ICBC Tecate, curated by Thomas Vann Altheimer (Pastor Projects), THE OTHER Dialogues will explore the limitation of international understanding that can be reinforced through distance.

Each artist/academic involved in the exhibition and in the Dialogues has developed hypotheses for the application of their own local experience, knowledge and mediated understanding to issues of common concern that are perceived to be of particular relevance to the Baja California region.


First session

THE OTHER Dialogues: Nationalism

9th June 11am PST

This conversation brings contemporary visual art practices into the geopolitical framework that defines the dichotomic relations deeply ingrained in discourses of powers.

In the past 18 months, the pandemic has revealed new narratives of local solidarity and international exclusion. Within a context of arguments of safety and responsibility co-existing with populist isolationism and self-interest, there is a compelling need to reflect on nationalism and its new and historic rationales.

Speakers: David Cotterrell, Olga Margarita Dávila, Norma Iglesias Prieto, Gro Sarauw


Second session

THE OTHER Dialogues: Distance

16th June 11am PST

The starting point for this session is the observation of how, during the pandemic, we have assisted an amplification of the concept of distance and proximity, making even more visible the tension at the edge of two economic zones. Migration, transmission, and translation are all experiences of mediations between contexts and identities that can trigger either resistance or understanding. How can we critically question our experience of the others’ contexts and establish informed methodologies of collaboration among diversity?

Speakers: Ingrid Hernandez, Fiamma Montezemolo, Marlene Solis, Thomas Vann Altheimer


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