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Screening Room programme: Anarchy in the UK, by Luca Bidoli

We are launching an online screening programme on our website. The first video to be featured in our screening room is 'Untitled' by Luca Bidoli.

'Untitled' is an unusual version of the (in)famous song 'Anarchy in the UK' by the Sex Pistols, that in the 70s was considered particularly controversial, to the point of getting banned, for the use of words like 'anarchy' and 'antichrist', but also for referencing to conflicts that were happening at that time, such as the Angola civil war and the paramilitary armies IRA and UDA in the conflict in Northern Ireland.

In this version, the song is re-interpreted by a soprano. This even more poignant reading of the song highlights the incongruity of our times, the failed attempt for control, and the political dissonance that is isolating the UK from the rest of the world.

It is indeed a troubled period for the UK. Brexit just came into force and we are hit by a supposedly more dangerous mutation of the pandemic, so that most countries have banned travel to and from the UK.

On a more positive note, the work is also an attempt to reconcile the opposites and to present a scenario in which conservative and progressive elements merge together. Most of Bidoli's recent work does indeed create an ambiguous area where to re-consider and distance ourselves from the binary concept of black and white, good and evil, getting past the dogma and stepping into a more blended vision of reality.

Visit Luca Bidioli's website for more information.

Image 1, screenshot of the video, depicts Lara Matteini singing in Luca's work