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Navigating the Archives Within - Anthony & Francis Almendárez

Navigating the Archives Within questions how histories, cultural traditions, and personal experiences are kept and transmitted. The video captures an autoethnographic journey through Latinx misrepresentation, erasure, subordination, and subversion.

Screening Room Programme


06 - 25 September 2021

Selected by Katerina Matheson


"Navigating the archives within

What does that mean?

Whom are we talking about?

What are we appreciating?

What are we negotiating?"

- Francis Almendárez

Francis Almendárez is an artist, filmmaker, and educator working at the intersections of history, (auto)ethnography, and cultural production. In attempting to make sense of and reconstruct identity, he uses them as tools to address memory and trauma, specifically of im/migrant, queer, working-class bodies of Central America, the Caribbean, and the Diasporas.



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