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Ladon - Carla Geronimi

‘Ladon’ is based on mythology, it evokes a dreamscape which immerses but also maintains suspense. Carla explores dreams, memory and identity with the ambiguity of non-linear narratives that often bleed into the absurd. Ethereal imagery and sound-scaping are tools used to build a sensory experience – the film becomes an environment as it envelops and completely involves the viewer.

Screening Room Programme


16 August 2021 - 04 September 2021

Selected by Katerina Matheson


"I create moving images works that showcase imaginary places, fictional stories and creature-like characters. My works principally explore dreams, memory and identity with the use of non-coherent storylines and absurd narratives. Also drawn to ideas around the uncanny, anthropomorphism or sensory experiences, I draw my inspiration from symbols, myths and inanimate objects."

- Carla Geronimi

Carla is a Swiss artist and filmmaker currently based in London. Carla holds a BA in Sound Arts & Design from LCC, University of the Arts London, and is currently studying in the MA Fine Art at the Slade School.

Carla's work has previously won the LABO price at the Festival International du Film de Nancy 2020 and has been selected and screened at Marienbad Film Festival.



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