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Deptford Film Club #2

Deptford Film Club is a regular monthly event organised by Empathy & Risk and Looking Forward and in collaboration with ACAVA. The second instalment featured videos by Francis Almendárez, Zain Al Sharaf Wahbeh, Carla Geronimi. Curated by Carolina Lio and Katerina Matheson.


11 January 2022

Empathy & Risk, 1 Borthwick Street, London SE8 3GH


6.20 pm Francis and Anthony Almendárez Navigating the Archives Within

'Navigating the Archives Within', a film by brothers Francis and Anthony Almendárez. Navigating the Archives Within questions how histories, cultural traditions, and personal experiences are kept and transmitted. The video captures an auto-ethnographic journey through Latinx misrepresentation, erasure, subordination, and subversion.


7.30 pm Zain Al Sharaf Wahbeh Traversing the Reimagined Palestinian Neighbourhood

Zain's film demonstrates the environmental changes of her home country from a local perspective. It acts as a form of cultural restoration in the face of catastrophe, destruction and pain. Zain collates information from archival sources, she then illustrates and uses a rendering software to create a seamless animated film.


7.45 pm Carla Geronimi Ladon

‘Ladon’ is based on mythology, it evokes a dreamscape which immerses but also maintains suspense. Carla explores dreams, memory and identity with the ambiguity of non-linear narratives that often bleed into the absurd. Ethereal imagery and sound-scaping are tools used to build a sensory experience – the film becomes an environment as it envelops and completely involves the viewer.


Covid-19 Note:

Everyone attending the event will be required to demonstrate either proof of double vaccination (2 weeks or greater) or proof of a recent negative test result (within 36 hours). This is a requirement of entry.


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