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Guided Walk: Deptford Heritage

Learn the role of Deptford and London in the slave trade with MōSaF London (Museum of Slavery and Freedom) with a free guided walk on Sunday, February 13.

MōSaF LONDON is a community group that presents a new way of thinking about Deptford, one of London’s oldest neighbourhoods, uncovering its long connection to the triangular slave trade.

There are few memorials to the slave trade in the UK’s capital, an astounding gap in the country’s cultural landscape. Our railway system, cotton and coal industries, the City of London and the Country House movement all owe a substantial economic debt to the trade in humans. Deptford is also home to key landmarks in the fight for abolition.

This guided walk provides a historical snapshot of how, and exactly where on our streets, Deptford's citizens were involved in the trade. It marks out places where the fight for abolition took place.

These free guided walks are offered thanks to the support of SHAPESLewisham, Lewisham’s Creative Enterprise Zone.


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