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Felipe García


Felipe García Salazar (b. Colombia, 1986) is a multidisciplinary artist and cultural manager whose artistic practice includes sculptures,  installations and site-specific works. Drawing from his autobiography, he explores his relation with time, history and own identity. His works have been displayed at ESDIR (la Roja), Acadèmia de Belles Arts (Sabadell), El Mirador Arte Contemporáneo (Buenos Aires), Embajada de Colombia en Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires), Espacio Cabreara (Buenos Aires), Gallería OEI (Buenos Aires), Espacio Cavallero (Buenos Aires), Centro cultural Borges (Buenos Aires),Charno Gallery (Kansas City), Casa de la cultura (Chía),Visual arts Gallery (NY), Pera Museum (Istanbul).


García Salazar took part in art residencies at Budapest Art Factory (Budapest) and Fundación ´ACE para el Arte Contemporáneo (Buenos Aires), among others. Since 2014, he is director and co-founder of R.A.R.O., an itinerant Artists in Residence program, taking place between Buenos Aires, Madrid and Barcelona. He graduated from SVA (School of Visual Arts, NYC) in 2009 and he is now completing a MA in Artistic Research and Production at the University of Barcelona.


17 MAR 2021

Felipe García Salazar

in conversation

with Giulia Menegale

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