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Marinella Senatore in conversation with Matteo Lucchetti

The last video of the series Society of the Many for Visible Storytelling is now online. This longer video ends an amazing cycle with what we believe is its apex: a conversation between Marinella Senatore and Matteo Lucchetti .

"Marinella Senatore is a multi-disciplinary artist with a practice characterised by a strong collective and participatory dimension. Merging forms of resistance and local vernacular with popular culture, dance, music mass events and activism, her work rethinks the political nature of collective formations and presents an opportunity for the public to generate social change.

In conversation with Visible curator Matteo Lucchetti, Senatore talks about ‘Protest Forms: Memory and Celebration’, a project exploring the multifaceted forms and rich legacies of protest in different countries, while also engaging with ecology of affiliation, empowerment, and belonging".


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